Max Steel now has a DVD the action packed DVD Origins. the next DVD in the series is the max steel Unleashed dvd


In the UK the max steel origins dvd released on the 7th October, 2013 and the run time for it is 108 minutes it has a movie and 2 extra episodes the movie is basically just the first three episodes Come Together Part One, Come Together Part Two and Come Together Part Three, and the 2 bonus episodes are Cleaning House and Secret Identity Crisis. I the UK the bonus features are the max steel unite trailer and some toy videos.


And in the the max steel origins dvd realeased on the 4th september, 2013 and the run time for it is 132 minutes USA they have 6 episodes Come Together Part One,Come Together Part Two,Come Together Part Three,Cleaning House,Secret Identity Crisis and C.Y.T.R.O. Attacks. in the USA the bonus features are the unite trailer and bonus clips.

It is weird because they both have different covers.

USA coverEdit


UK coverEdit

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