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Miles DreddEdit

Miles Dredd is one of Max Steel's hardest foes he ever fought, Miles Dredd was first introduced in season 1 episode 1 of Max Steel Come Together Part One. Miles Dredd also known as Dredd is a very powerful villain, Dredd created a device that could siphon turbo energy but was permanently imbedded in his body in an explosion, he can absorb Max Steel's turbo energy and throw it right back at him. Miles Dredd has 3 modes his weaker mode is still pretty strong but not as strong as the other modes, it has a cool black design with little red bits on the suit it was introduced in Come Together Part Two when Dredd siphoned Max's turbo energy for the first time. He also has his turbo mode which is much more stronger than his weaker mode but not stronger than his Makino mode, it has a nice red design with black chunks on it, Miles Dredd's turbo mode was unlocked in Come Together Part Three when he captured steel and siphoned more turbo energy from the people of Copper Canyon. And last but not least he has his strongest mode Makino mode with sleek red and black design it was unlocked in Earth Under Siege Part 2 when max, steel and forge where looking through the Makino battleship.