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best catch phrase,... your a disgrace, Steel! you bonded with this pathetic human, and you want to destroy your own kind?!... Metal Elementor said to Steel

gender = Male

aka = Metallak

species = Alien, Elementor and Ultralink

occupation = Villain

friends = The Elementors, Makino, Chomp Link, Blast Link and Prism Link

enemies = Max Steel, Steel, N-Tek and Commander Forge Ferrus

eye color = Red

first appearance = Full Metal Racket

voiced by = Trevor Devall

Metal Elementor, also known as Metallak, is a new Elementor that appears in Season 2 of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). He is the most aggressive and powerful Elementor, and follows the rules of Makino blindly. He is the main leader of the group of Megalinks.

Origins Edit

Metal Elementor is the strongest and smartest of all Elementors, on a mission to serve Makino and subjugate Earth. He is able to change into virtually any metal and liquefy his body to escape attacks or sneak up on an enemy. Aggressive, commanding and strict, he has little patience for the other Elementors, who he sees as bumblers and bunglers.


Background Information Edit

I am Metallak, now Metal Elementor. The fifth, yet most powerful and handsome Elementor created by my leader and ruler, Makino. I am very loyal to Makino and I was turned into what I am when he wanted another Elementor to be made, since the other four Elementors (Who are some bumblers and bunglers) were not that helpful and they failed a lot. So a Makino Ship released me and then I megalinked with a pyramid in the southern part of Mexico. Then I turned into the fifth Elementor, Metal Elementor. I work for Makino and I lead the other Megalinks that are with me. My mission is to destroy Max Steel, like Makino ordered me.


season 2= Full Metal Racket, Deep Turbo Blue Sea and Ultralink Hunter

Bonus clips= Sneaky Ultralinks and Full Metal Elementor

Trivia Edit

  • He is loyal to Makino.
  • His main figure is Metal Elementor (Action Figure), that have the same name, and the first to be released in Latin American and in other countries.
  • Metal Elementor is smarter than Air Elementor, and stronger than Earth Elementor.
  • He is not patience between the four Elementors.
  • If Metal Elementor absorbs more Metal, he will turn into a giant Elementor.
  • He sometimes gets nervous.
  • He is like a leader for all the Megalinks.
  • He can liquefy himself and turn solid.
  • Metal Elementor was defeated by Max Steel with acid, which left some burns on Metal Elementor.
  • He megalinked with a pyramid that is located some where in the southern part of Mexico.
  • This Elementor can control any type of metal around him as his weapon.
  • If he want, he can absorb the Elementors.
  • After the Elementors failed to capture Max Steel, he absorbed them and became Mega Elementor.
  • Mega Elementor's weakness is water because it corrodes metal.