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aka = Max, Max Steel, Maxwell, McGrath and Mr. McGrath

species = Human

occupation = Hero, N-Tek agent and Student

color of eyes = Blue

age = 16

friends = Steel, Commander Forge Ferrus, N-Tek, Kat Ryan, Jefferson Smith, Kirby Kowalski, Sydney Gardner, Mr. Jones, C.Y.T.R.O, Roberto 'Berto' Martinez

|enemies = Miles Dredd, Jason Naught, Ultimate Elementor, Extroyer, Vin, Dwayne, Toxzon, Evil Ultralinks, Makino, Metal Elementor, Toxziana, Fishy, Toxzon and Extroyer

gender = Male

color of hair = Brown

first appearance = Come Together Part One

final appearance = TBA

voiced by = Andrew Francis}}

Maxwell McGrath or just Maxwell or Max is the main protagonist and hero of Max Steel (2013 TV Series). Max is a 16-years-old kid who lives with his mom, Molly McGrath, and has a girlfriend at Copper Canyon High School named Sydney. He is a kid who later discovers that he can generate T.U.R.B.O Energy. Then his uncle, Forge Ferrus, presents to Max, Steel, an Ultralink that will help Max control his T.U.R.B.O Energy, and also one of the heroes known as Max Steel. Maxwell McGrath has a very good relationship with Steel, who is his friend also. Max and Steel will sometimes complain about somethings, like when Max referred as Steel as his sidekick in C.Y.T.R.O Attacks!. He had a father, who died, named Jim McGrath, who was one of the co-Founders of N-Tek, along with Forge Ferrus, and Miles Dredd (Who was a friend of Forge and Jim, and also an enemy of Max, when he is Max Steel. Max is a very nice teenager and he has another friend, Kirby Kowalski, who is a friend of Max in Copper Canyon High School. In some episodes, there are sometimes that some people find out something strange about Max. Like in Making the Grade, Dr. Thornhill thought that Steel in a shoe, was Max's science project. Also, he thought that it was an electronic shoe warmer.

Origins Edit

Maxwell McGrath was born, possibly after his father's death, when he was still not born. Then 16 years later, he discovers that he can generate a blue and powerful energy called T.U.R.B.O Energy. He later is taken to N-Tek and then he discovers that his uncle, Forge Ferrus, later helps him. In the chamber where he was put at, he later was about to Turbo Overload, when suddenly he met Steel, and then they both got ultralinked for the first time and then that is when Max Steel comes to action and the adventure began.

As Max SteelEdit

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Trivia Edit

  • In some episodes, when Max doesn't has his mask on, some of the Elementors see his real face, but they don't know his secret identity.
  • As mentioned in Making the Grade, he had been absent and late since he enrolled to Copper Canyon High School.
  • Max wants to know more about his dad, and also more about N-Tek, like Steel.